The main aim of acquiring education is to make an individual, ready to face the outside world, so that he can differentiate good from evil and can follow the right path. Education is acquired to obtain knowledge to make right decisions for self and for people who are associated with him. Basic aim is to prepare someone for an individual existence in the world without anybody’s guidance.

Today, education to a certain level is mandatory in most societies and countries and it is the job of Government to take care of schooling system to ensure free education delivery to its citizen, at least to a certain degree.

Education in most countries comprise of these levels or stages:

  1. Montessori

  2. Kindergarten

  3. Primary education or compulsory  basic education

  4. Secondary education  or post primary  education

  5. Professional education or specialized  education

  6. Higher education or empowerment  education

Today, education to a certain level is mandatory in most societies and countries and it is the job of Government to take care of schooling system to ensure free education delivery to its citizen, at least to a certain degree. The growth and development of countries are dependent on their literacy rates and quality of education provided in its institutions. Many countries have started programs for adult/senior education, which is a step towards development and prosperity.


Long time back, teachers were considered superior to parents, as parents only give birth, whereas teacher gives you knowledge, power, strength and experience to live your life and attain success. Frederick W.Robertson believed that instructions, teaching and studies ends with school but learning never ends, each day, a new experience teaches a new lesson.

Today a teacher’s job is not only to teach students, what is inside the book, but to teach them how to implement his knowledge to serve others. While teaching if you observe any student is not paying attention in your class, it is the moral responsibility and duty of a teacher to make his presence felt and restrain the students from their imaginary world. Most of the teachers complain that students are disobeying them and not paying attention in the class, however they don’t know they can easily control these children using simple tips. But to do that, a little strategic thinking is required. If a teacher is noticing any student not paying attention to lessons and also may be a source of potential distraction for other students, it is time for intervention, but make sure that rest of the class is not being disturbed.

Here are very few guidelines:

  1. IGNORE: At times students just act to tease teacher, it is a form of attention seeking behavior. If teacher learns to act calm and show no reaction to student, the odd behavior will definitely stop. But if student is given any attention, it will further aggravates the problem.

  2. NON-VERBAL CLUES: If this didn’t solved the problem, second step can be used, which is making the student feel he has been noticed for his lack of attention in class. Without addressing the student and disturbing rest of the class, simple maneuvers like putting finger on lips or staring the student for a few seconds are enough to alarm the student that his non-serious behavior is being watched on.

  3. BODY LANGUAGE: If student is doing the same, next step is to walk around in the class and stand by the student. Impression can be given to him as if he’s note-book is being watched on if he is jotting down important points from lecture or not.

  4. ASK QUESTION: If this is not even working, teacher can use verbal interruption by pointing out student and asking him a random study related question that is being taught in class.  If student is able to answer the question, he should be appreciated and asked him politely to follow lecture, but if he failed to answer, he should not be scolded or punished because harsh and strict teachers are never liked by students. The aim of teacher is not to scare the class, but to be a role model and guardian.

  5. OFFER ASSISTANCE AFTER THE LECTURE: After class, teacher may ask student if he is having any issue in understanding your lecture or having any other problem that you may sort out.

By using these simple tactics every teacher will be able to win the heart of students and be a source of inspiration and strength for them.


Different people have defined it in different words, as William Lowe Bryan, 10th president of Indiana believes, education is something a person is willing to get by money and expecting
nothing in return other than wisdom. Those who aim at earning money are not honest in their wish and ends up getting nothing.

John Ruskin who was an English critic defines education as merely not a medium of teaching people, what they do not know; but to teach them to behave and interact with others as they
do not practice in their daily lives.

Education is the art of learning that gives you awareness about yourself and teaches you how to deal with other people. It is transfer of knowledge, skills, experience and customs from one
generation to other.

There is a huge difference between Education and studies, most people confuse the two terms. If a person is enrolled in a degree program, he attend school on a daily basis, take classes, pay
school fees and come home only to read books again, e is definitely studying. But the purpose of studies is not only to read book, it is to learn the lesson of life from books and school. If he
is learning discipline from going to school at a certain time and coming back, learning time management, following time-table, obeying seniors, respecting teachers and completing
deadlines then he definitely is acquiring education.

To read the book and take the exam is not education. Education gives light that enlighten the path of life, until death takes over. Unfortunately, today the actual meaning of education is lost,
people waste tons of money for the sake of education but even after taking the degree, they may not be illiterate but they are not even educated.

Online Poker Tips

In brick and mortar casinos, as well as online casinos poker machines are among the most popular games of chance in the gambling industry. Poker machines do not require brainpower, as it is as simple as loading up the machine, pushing the button (or clicking the mouse) and watching the machine go. If you win, the machine loads you up, while losing results in dropping of credits. Here are some tips you can use on selecting a poker machine to make poker play more fun, and hopefully more profitable.

On the more recent live poker machines at Circus Circus in Las Vegas, NV, there are a series of little windows on the side panel of the game. One window says “bills in,” while the other reads “bills out.” To determine whether a poker is “loose” or “tight” divide the coins out by the coins in. Multiply the product by one hundred

Divide the number of coins out by the number of coins in. Multiply the result by one hundred. If it yields 95% or more, it might fit the general meaning of “loose.” Although, we do not know for sure, as we are not certain as to what the payout rate is for the particular line of poker we are considering. This is where the conversation with the casino regulars comes into good use. Often, someone knows someone who knows a guy that used to work on the poker. While the information may not be accurate, surely the information will get you in the Download FullTiltPoker ballpark.

Additionally, researching via the internet is not a bad tactic to guestimate the target pay rate of casino poker. The casino is typically mandated to maintain a minimum rate of return to casino poker players in order to stay within the letter of the law. If you find out the casino must return 80% of all poker winnings to gamblers, you can bet that some of the poker are geared to pay out 70% and others to return 90%.

Keep in mind, all online poker machines eventually “dump.” Every poker is set to pay out x% of the money it takes in. Over time, poker deviate from the norm, with some paying out more than statistically required, while others pay out less than it was statistically intended. You can find out which poker are more relaxed and which poker are tighter by asking around to the regulars of a casino or by searching the forums of your favorite absolutepoker download gambling website. By doing your homework you will be able to narrow the field to the universe of poker that might be more inclined to dump than others- at the very least though, you will find yourself doing detective work to seek out the machine that is ready to pop!

Cost of playing poker without Rakeback

So you have decided to take up the game of poker. Alternatively, maybe you have decided to look for a new poker room at which to play. Before you jump in and just pick the first room you come across, you should look to determine what the best way is to profit from the potential poker room. The simple answer is making sure you pick a poker room that offers rakeback. Some players see rakeback as free poker money; others see it as extra income. Either way, it will greatly benefit the player.

Firstly, you have to consider the room, which you signed up. For example, if you signed up to Full Tilt Poker without rakeback, where the average Full Tilt Poker Rakeback player gets 27% rakeback, you would miss 27% of the rake that you generate for the rest of your playing career at that room. That can add up to a lot of poker money that you could have had in your poker account, and help increase your bankroll. As we know in poker, lost opportunity is lost money.

You also have to consider what level you play, as well as what stakes you usually play. If you are a mid stakes poker player or even just hope to be a mid stakes player, you would really be losing out on a lot of money without a rakeback plan. The average mid stakes player will be involved in many pots averaging $60 or above. So say you play 10 hands averaging $60 in the prize pool in an hour, at a six seater. You would have raked $5 in that hour. So if you where playing with rakeback you would have got about $1.30 back. I know that does not sound like much. However if you where to play say 5 hours that day you would have raked $25 and got over $6.50 back in rakeback.

So now to look at the bigger picture where you play poker 5 days a week for a year at Full Tilt Poker without rakeback you would have lost $6500 to rake, which is a huge opportunity loss!

As you can see, playing without full tilt poker rakeback can be very expensive. Nevertheless, you have to remember this is merely an example. You could actually be losing a lot more money if you play without rakeback at a higher stakes for longer times and over multiple tables at once. Your bottom line is everything. Make sure you have rakeback to pad it.

Reasons Why Rakeback Is So Popular

If you have been playing online poker for any amount of time, then you’ve most likely heard about rakeback. If you haven’t heard about rakeback yet, I would like to know what rock you have been hiding under. All the rage right now in the online poker world is about rakeback and how it can help even the most casual poker player earn some extra money.

For those of you that don’t know what pkr rakeback is, I would recommend taking some time to read an article on it. In brief, rakeback is a rebate on the amount of money you pay to the poker room in rake. Every time you play real money poker online the poker room takes a rake. With rakeback you will receive a percentage of the rake back into your poker account every week or month.

With so many reasons why you should have rakeback and zero reasons why you wouldn’t want rakeback, there is no reason not to sign-up for a rakeback account. Basically every poker room supports rakeback now and many offer you a hefty percentage of the rake back each month. Below are several of the main reasons why rakeback is so popular amongst online poker players right now.

* Simplicity – Once you have set-up your rakeback account you don’t need to do anything else except play poker and watch your rakeback be deposited into your account.

* Value – With online poker rooms fighting for our business we have seen several poker rooms increase the percentage of rakeback they pay their players. With percentages ranging from 20-30% in most cases the amount you can earn will add up quickly.

* Bonuses – In most cases carbonpoker players with rakeback can still participate in the bonuses and promos offered by the poker room they play with. Some poker rooms deduct bonuses from your rakeback, so make sure you keep an eye out in the T&C to find out whether or not you can keep your bonuses.

* Added Benefits – Rakeback players not only receive a percentage of their rake each month, but they also get to participate in lots of added benefits. Some poker rooms offer freeroll tournaments for their rakeback players to participate in. A lot of poker rooms have started offering rake races which encourages players to race each other on a monthly leaderboard to see who comes out on top.

* Stats – A lot of the rakeback programs out there today allow the player to see exactly how much money they have raked for the current month as well as much more. Having the ability to view your stats in real-time has proven to be a huge reasons why many people enjoy having rakeback so much.

Setting up a rakeback account will literally take you about fifteen minutes. With all of the benefits listed above I’m sure you can see why thousands upon thousands of people sign-up for rakeback every single month. Stop leaving money on the table today, and get yourself a rakeback account that will make you money.

Half Stack Strategy

The Half-Stack Strategy -

The basis of the half-stack strategy is as follows -

You buy-in for 50bb to play poker and reload when you reach 40bb or lower and 75bb you should re-evaluate the table conditions, if you don’t like your present table or seat wait till your blinds are hit, then get up and leave.

There are many advantages to playing with a less than 100bb stack -

It’s easier to setup your favorable stack-to-pot ratios and it helps simplifies your one pair decisions. You can go all in in unless your absolutely positive that your going to be destroyed.

You’ll often get read as a poker star fish, which works to your advantage as regulars will tend to bluff less and are prone to making the mistake of not thoroughly thinking through their laydowns.

Set mining and full buy-in robots will be less effective against you.

More options are available since you don’t require to get in a full 3 or 4 bets.

Now that I’ve listed out the advantages of half stack pker, let’s have a glance at the drawbacks you might face with the half-stack strategy -

You’ve can’t get too much value from either from strong second best hands or from calling stations.

It’s hard to trap your opponent when you play espn poker for their stack even when they flip the spew bit.

Free Online Poker

New online poker players might not have ever heard of no deposit poker, but you veteran players out there probably have and may have already taken advantage of some. No deposit poker simply means a poker room like www.FullTiltPoker.net is willing to give you free money so that you can play in there poker room for real money without having to make a deposit. A lot of poker players would like to try out a poker room before they commit there own hard earned money on the website and the only way to do this is through no deposit free money poker.

Not every poker room offers a no deposit free money offer, and most of the established rooms don’t, but you can find some new poker.net rooms which do offer this feature. Receiving free money from a poker room so that you can play in there poker room is very hard to find and hard to beat so make sure you take advantage of the offers when they come along.

There are always rules and requirements which you must meet in order to receive your PokerStar.it money and be able to withdraw your money, but it’s expected considering it’s free money. The requirements aren’t impossible to beat either and you can definitely pass all the requirements of a given poker room if you get some luck on your side. Most of the free no deposit offers only amount to small deposits into your account so you never have a great shot at turning it into much profit, but it at least allows you to play in the pocker room a few times to test it out.

The good thing about no deposit offers is that you can participate in as many as you want as long as there with different poker rooms. With about a dozen poker rooms offering no deposit poker you’ll be able to join all of them and receive your free money. With any luck you’ll be able to build up a bankroll on one of the poker rooms and you’ll be able to clear your money.

One thing that is important to realize is that you can’t cheat the pokerstar.net no deposit systems. If you’ve ever registered at received the Poker Stars Download, a poker room software in the past then you won’t be able to partake in that given poker room’s no deposit option. They enforce there rules strictly so don’t even bother trying to cheat them, there are also other rules involved so make sure you read them all before signing-up. In order to ever be able to release your bonus you’ll also need to make a minimum deposit in the given poker room in most cases. This doesn’t really matter though because if you’re up money then you can make a deposit and just withdraw the money so that you don’t lose any money.

A no deposit poker offer is one of the best ways for professional poker players to gain some free experience playing poker for real money and it could also potentially win you some money. There are plenty of different offers out there right now so make sure you do your homework and find them all so you can participate in them.